Turco İnşaat

RAZ Tarım Gıda
TURCO İnşaat started the construction of COLD STORAGE DEPOT and FOOD PRODUCTS PROCESSING FACILITY of RAZ TARIM GIDA LTD.ŞTİ. in 2nd Organized Industrial Zone of Şanlıurfa as of April 2013.
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İstanbul’un deniz kenarında büyüyen ilçesi Büyükçekmece’de, TURCO İnşaat tarafından hayata geçirilen Panorama Evleri, lüks ve konforu...
Our Sample Flat in Panorama Residents is Waiting for Your Visit
As of May 2013, our sample flat in EUROTOLIA PANAROMA RESIDENTS is in your service.

Different tile, ceramic, paint color, kitchen cabinet options are being presented to the appreciation and preference of you, our valuable customers in our sample flat.

Our vision for housing

TURCO Construction is constructing contemporary, environmentally-conscious and safe buildings. In this context, a construction philosophy has been embraced that, to the greatest extent possible "natural materials" are preferred, sunlight and even a single drop of rain is not wasted, light weight, flexible, modular and earthquake-safe structural systems used.